Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Photoshop fun

Jennifer Gray again...
I'm a self taught, new to photoshop, digital scrapbooker. I am always looking for new ways to edit pictures. There is so much about photoshop I don't know. It took me a month to figure out how to open the work space. I was trying a few new things today and I love the way this picture of Cooper turned out. I think it just 'fits' him. The original is on his blog header.

Monday, April 28, 2008

A courtesy post...

Because I'm sick of looking at the Easter bunny pictures too, and because I want Cooper's adoring fans to see new pictures I volunteered to update Jennifer's blog. This is her friend Jennifer Gray.

First of all BIG NEWS-Jennifer is pregnant. Baby #2 is due November 23th (the day after Jennifer's birthday). She wasn't feeling well at first, but is doing much better now as long as she can take a nap (hence no time for blogging). She will be 11 weeks on Saturday.

Now for what everyone has been waiting for PICTURES!

On Saturday afternoon we (the Gray's) stopped by to see Jennifer's mom, who is in from Alabama. A few minutes turned into the afternoon and we stayed for dinner. Cooper and Landree had a great time playing outside. Landree fell and busted her lip on the driveway-Jennifer has a lot of experience with this and suggested a popsicle to help with the swelling. Cooper had to have one too. I got several cute pictures of both of them. This is probably the most pictures I've ever gotten of Cooper at one time. A popsicle will keep that boy still! I love this new fake smile thing Cooper is doing. I asked him to smile and below is what I got.

Today Michael got these pictures of Cooper and Landree...eating popsicles on the back steps. Cooper fell and busted his of course he needed a popsicle to help with the swelling. Do you see a trend here? Cooper wanted to be sure Landree had one too. He gave the first one to her-what a little gentleman. Jennifer made them take their shirts off so it wasn't so messy. She laid a towel in Landree's lap to keep her pants clean. Yum! They love popsicles!