Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Pool pictures

We (Landree and I; this is Jennifer Gray) went over to the Cooper's this afternoon to play in Cooper's new pool. The kids had a great time. It took Landree a little time to warm up, but with Cooper no warm up time needed! His little chin was shaking at one point because he was so cold, but he's tough and playing outside is fun! Here are a few of my favorite pictures I 'caught' of him. It's hard to do with this fast moving boy!

Here they are playing yesterday at the house. They were 'lounging' in the backyard. Notice Cooper's smile he's giving me. I think they look like a little old couple. So cute!

Redneck way to bring in the trash...

As long as I'm the one posting I can put what I want, right? (Jennifer Gray here) I thought this was so funny! As Michael pulled in the driveway tonight this was following behind this truck. He's pretty smart though...they have a super long driveway and a steep hill.