Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter morning

The Easter bunny came last night. He brought lots of fun stuff and goodies for Cooper to enjoy.

Cooper's Easter basket

Good morning Cooper man. Cooper has started sleeping with an Aubie and a stuffed dog that Michael gave me our 1st Valentine's Day together. He wanted to bring them with him this morning.

Micheal thought I was crazy, but the Easter bunny always hid my Easter basket. It was fun searching for it on Easter morning so we are going to continue that tradition. We hid his basket under the sheet on our bed.

Of course, the first thing he went for were the eggs that looked like basketballs

He also got this cow that is dressed like a bunny. It moos Here Comes Peter Cotton Tail. Cooper loves it. He tries to moo with it. It is so cute.

Friday, March 21, 2008

More Easter Fun

Today Jackson and Landree came over and we made Easter cookies and we had a Easter egg hunt. We used cookie cutters to make our cookies in fun Easter shapes like bunnies, flowers, and carrots.Then while the cookies were cooking, we had an egg hunt. We used goldfish for prizes in the eggs.- We figured they would get enough sugar in the coookies so we decided to do a semi-better for you prize in the eggs. Cooper would find the eggs, eat the goldfish, and just leave the empty egg. Sometimes, he would empty the goldfidh into his basket but the eggs never made into his basket. The kids had a fun time. I think Cooper enjoyed eating the cookies and the goldfish more than anything else. After all that excitement, we all loaded up for a fun lunch at Chick-fil-a.
Cooper with his cookie cutter in hand.

Cooper and Jackson. Jackson liked eating the cookie dough.

Cooper and Jackson again.

Cooper and Landree.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Singing in the rain

This is just another example of Cooper's love for the water. It was warm today, it was supposed to be 78, but rainy. We went out to dinner tonight and when we were leaving Cooper wanted to "spalsh" in the puddles in the parking lot. The fun continued when we got home. Michael had to encourage him to begin with because it was raining really hard. Once he got use to it, he took his tractor, lawn mower and truck and played with them and ran them through the puddles. It was so fun to watch. There towards the end, he was shivering but he didn't want to stop.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Easter Pictures

We got our Easter pictures made on Saturday. We have a great time. Coooper got to play with a bunny and hunt Easter eggs. Landree and our friend Jackson (Yak, Yak as Cooper calls him) were there to share in all the fun. For more pictures, go to, Easter pictures day 3.
We did have something scary happen though. When we were leaving, Cooper fell and busted his lip open. It looked really bad. He had a huge, gapping hole on the inside of his lip and blood was everywhere. Luckily were downtown close to the Children's Hospital. This would be our 2nd trip to the ER. On the way to the hospital, I called our peditrician and they said that unless it went all the way through his lip they would not do stitches and she told us somethings we could do to help it. Popsicles.... good for Cooper. So long story short, I was just a freaked out mom.

Cooper and Daddy
Cooper, Mommy and our new friend Oreo.

Mr. Handsome

Cooper and Jackson

Cooper was really good at finding the eggs. He would find them, put them in his basket, and go to look for more. Unfortunately, when he would leave to look for more, the other kids would take his eggs and put them in thier baskets. Poor Cooper, he worked so hard.

Good job, that's 2.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Hair cut time again

This is actually Cooper's 2nd hair cut. He had his 1st one in Novemeber. Michael was actually more upset about it than I was so this time we just went for a little trim. We took him to Patience, the girl who cuts my hair. He did a great job. He sat as still as he could.... which is not still at all.... and he never cried. He even got a sucker for his efforts. This is a real treat in Cooper's eyes.
Today is also Cooper's 21 month birthday. Happy Birthday little man!!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Shhhhhhh! Don't tell Jennifer Gray but this is what Cooper had for breakfast this morning. The words child abuse would probably be running through her head right about now. Just kidding. She is just crazy about food allergies. I kid her all the time that Landree is going to grow up saying, "what about my food allergies".
I'm starting to see a not so good trend with our breakfast choices. First cupcakes, now peanuts.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Cooper & Landree sit'n in a tree, kissing.....

These are some pictures of Cooper and Landree from last Monday and this Monday. We just love it when Landree is here. They play and have the best time together.

They had been coloring in the living room. I walked into my room to get something and when I came back, they were gone. A guick search revealed 2 kids sitting in the corner with their heads down. At that time, I became a little concerned but to my surprise all of my walls were the same color and still remained pen strip free.

I'm not really sure what this all about. It was right before nap time so maybe this was a suttle hint?

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Daddy!!

Yesterday was Michael's birthday. We had a great time. We had cupcakes for breakfast and Michael opened his present before he left for work. We all meet and had lunch together at San Jose, our favorite. That afternoon, I surprised Michael with a night out. Jeff, Jennifer and Landree came over to stay the night with Cooper so we could go out. We went to a movie (Vantage Point- very good), dinner and then to our hotel. We slept in until 8:30, ate a huge breakfast, and then did some shopping. I think I had more fun than Michael did. Evidence of the crime.
Cupcakes are a healthy breakfast.. right?

I'll help you daddy.

A drum roll please.

Cooper, I'll show you how to use this one day.

(Daddy got a new scope for his gun)

I've been watching you.

Cooper will do anything his Daddy does. He has learned to cross his arms. Thursday Michael was outside talking to the the pest control people when he looked up at Cooper and noticed that he was standing there looking back at him with his arms crossed. Michael looked down and realized that he had his own arms crossed. Monkey see, monkey do.

Monday, March 3, 2008

My week with Nana

We had a great week with Nana. I had to work on Tuesday so Cooper and Nana spent the whole day playing together. Wednesday we went to the mall. Cooper loves the mall because he gets to eat at Chick-fil-a and ride the carousel. This time was extra fun because he got to ride with Nana. Thursday I had to work some more, so Cooper and Nana huge out again. We all went to eat that night and Cooper got to try Crispy Creme donuts for the first. Of course he loved them. He kept saying and signing...more, more. On Friday, Cooper and daddy had a boys day while Nana and Mommy had a girls day. The girls went and got a pedicure and then went house shopping. We had a fun time. I'm still praying that Nana will one day decide to move here. Maybe Cooper can keep buttering her up. Then, so sad, Saturday Nana had to go home. We had a great time and look forward to our next visit.

Nana thought Cooper needed a new ball.

Cooper showing Nana his favorite book... The Auburn program.

Nana and Cooper had been on a ride in the wagon & stopped to throw rocks in the water.

Cooper's favorite... reading again.

Fun, fun!