Friday, March 21, 2008

More Easter Fun

Today Jackson and Landree came over and we made Easter cookies and we had a Easter egg hunt. We used cookie cutters to make our cookies in fun Easter shapes like bunnies, flowers, and carrots.Then while the cookies were cooking, we had an egg hunt. We used goldfish for prizes in the eggs.- We figured they would get enough sugar in the coookies so we decided to do a semi-better for you prize in the eggs. Cooper would find the eggs, eat the goldfish, and just leave the empty egg. Sometimes, he would empty the goldfidh into his basket but the eggs never made into his basket. The kids had a fun time. I think Cooper enjoyed eating the cookies and the goldfish more than anything else. After all that excitement, we all loaded up for a fun lunch at Chick-fil-a.
Cooper with his cookie cutter in hand.

Cooper and Jackson. Jackson liked eating the cookie dough.

Cooper and Jackson again.

Cooper and Landree.

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Tricia said...

So fun. Sorry we could not join you guys with the fun. My parents decided to make a "quick" visit.