Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter morning

The Easter bunny came last night. He brought lots of fun stuff and goodies for Cooper to enjoy.

Cooper's Easter basket

Good morning Cooper man. Cooper has started sleeping with an Aubie and a stuffed dog that Michael gave me our 1st Valentine's Day together. He wanted to bring them with him this morning.

Micheal thought I was crazy, but the Easter bunny always hid my Easter basket. It was fun searching for it on Easter morning so we are going to continue that tradition. We hid his basket under the sheet on our bed.

Of course, the first thing he went for were the eggs that looked like basketballs

He also got this cow that is dressed like a bunny. It moos Here Comes Peter Cotton Tail. Cooper loves it. He tries to moo with it. It is so cute.


Tricia said...

So cute. I love the expressions on his face. What fun.

Baby Jackson said...

So fun!! The easter bunny used to hide my easter basket too.